Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

LAND 400 Phase 2 will modernise Army’s Armoured Fighting Vehicle capability, which will provide mounted support to Defence operations for decades into the future, but most importantly will enhance the safety, security and protection of Australian troops. The Boxer CRV will replace the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle, which has seen extensive operational service since its introduction in 1996.

The Boxer CRV will operate in a range of environments, from the littoral environment of our near region, to contested complex urban environments. The high levels of protection, firepower and mobility provided by the vehicle will enable sustained operations, varying from peacekeeping to close combat.

Defence has contracted Rheinmetall Defence Australia to deliver and support 211 Boxer 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (Boxer) for the Australian Army.

The Boxer CRV will be delivered in two blocks, known as Block I and Block II.

Under Block I, Rheinmetall Defence Australia has delivered the first 25 Boxer CRVs (12 Reconnaissance and 13 Multi-Purpose Variants) to Defence, which are currently in use with Army and demonstrating high levels of availability and notable levels and performance. 

The remaining 186 Boxer CRVs (known as Block II) are currently in the design and testing phases respectively.

The vehicles will be split across 5 variants:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Repair
  • Recovery
  • Command and Control
  • Joint Fires and Surveillance.

 The majority of these Block II CRVs will be built and assembled in Australia at Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence facility in Redbank, Queensland. 

Content is current as at February 2024.