C-27J Spartan Light Tactical Fixed Wing Airlift

AIR 8000 Phase 2 was approved to replace the retired Caribou capability and provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with an enhanced intra-theatre and regional airlift capability through acquisition of a fleet of ten Light Tactical Fixed Wing aircraft. The C-27J Spartan is based on the original Alenia G-222 design, re-engineered with modern engines and avionics and can operate in remote and austere environments with a useful payload, range, in-theatre survivability and ability to operate from rudimentary airstrips. 

The C-27J capability conducts regional peacetime operations such as Humanitarian and Disaster Relief, Search and Rescue, Aero Medical Evacuation, and airlift tasks including troop movement, cargo transport, and airdrop operations.

AIR 8000 Phase 2 continues with the acquisition of a flight simulator, an avionics update, and conduct of a structural substantiation program. The Prime Contractor is Leonardo S.p.A. in Turin, Italy.

The C-27J is supported by three performance based contracts. Northrop Grumman Australia provides logistics, base maintenance, engineering support, and maintenance technician training, with reach-back to Leonardo S.p.A. as the C-27J Spartan original aircraft manufacturer. Standard Aero provides propulsion system support. CAE Australia provides aircrew ground training. The fleet is located at RAAF Base Amberley and operated by No. 35 Squadron.

Content is current as at February 2024.