Battle Management System

The LAND 75 Phase 3.4 Battlefield Command Support System (BCSS) project will provide a digital command and control support system to enhance combat capability of the Australian Army through supporting timely and quality decision-making in the land tactical environment. The BCSS project will also deliver a Battle Management Systems (BMS) capability to equip a Battle Group (BG).

The BMS consists of software that is designed to be simple and intuitive to use and hardware that can survive in the land tactical [combat] environment. The hardware is mounted in a number of fielded vehicles including: Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV), G-Wagons, Macks and Unimogs. The BMS is a computer-based command and control system designed to enhance the tactical commanders' Situational Awareness and ability to execute operations.

The BMS is the central component of the BG and Below Command, Control and Communications System (BGC3) that is being jointly delivered by the LAND 75 Phase 3.4, LAND 125 Phase 3A and JP 2072 Phase 1 projects, and will incorporate a mobile, data capable communications system and be able to exchange combat information with BCSS and other Land BMS. The BGC3 will form the basis of a land combat identification (Blue Force Tracking) system by providing commanders with a 'real-time' Situational Awareness display of friendly force locations.

Land 75 Phase 3.4 is also delivering a Track Management System (TMS) which is the primary interface between the BMS and the Joint forces Global Command & Control Systems. The TMS provides Battle Group and above connectivity for units equipped with the BMS and TMS.

Deliverable Original Planned Achieved / Forecast Notes

Project Year of Commencement

Nov 2009    

Initial Materiel Release (IMR)

Jul 2011

Jul 2011


Initial Operational Capability (IOC)

Jul 2011

Apr 2012

Longer than expected Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) activities were required to fully explore risk areas of interest to Army and Defence Science and Technology Organisation. The initial round of OT&E activities in 2011 following Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2011 were inconclusive.

Final Materiel Release (FMR)

Apr 2013 Feb 2015 Based on approval from the Prime Minister, the FOC date was first moved to December 2013 to better align with the Army Brigade Rotation Cycle. In the 2012-13 Federal Budget, the Government decided to remove installation of the BGC3 into the M113AS4 Family of Vehicles. In the August 2013 Approval of LAND 75 Phase 4, FOC (and FMR) was agreed to be planned for mid-2014 in order to align with final deliveries of equipment required for FOC. The Government confirmed that the definition of FOC for Land 75 Phase 3.4 is equipment for two motorised infantry Battle Groups, one Special Operations Task Group and one Air Field Defence Squadron. March 2015 is the planned milestone date for the DMO to have delivered these FOC supplies, transition of all equipment to sustainment and close the Material Acquisition Agreement. Options to combine the remaining M113AS4 design effort with the installation effort in Land 75 Phase 4 are being developed for Government consideration.

Final Operational Capability (FOC)

Apr 2013 Mar 2015 As per FMR