Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter Weapons System

The Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) Tiger has been in service with the Australian Army since 2004. The ARH Tiger is a two-seat attack helicopter that performs a wide range of missions. It is fast and agile with the ability to detect and engage targets at long ranges, and can easily coordinate and control combined arms teams.

Sustainment of the ARH is carried out by Army Aviation Systems Program Office (AASPO). AASPO, in collaboration with Industry partners and Defence stakeholders, delivers through-life support of ARH Tiger on behalf of the Capability Manager. In Service Support Contracts are in place with Airbus Australia Pacific for the ARH Tiger.

The ARH Tiger capability will continue to contribute to Defence requirements until its withdrawal from service in 2028.

Introduction into Service Year: 2004

Planned Withdrawal Year: 2027

Content is current at February 2024.