Anzac Class Frigate

The support objective is to maintain the materiel capability of the Anzac Class Frigates through the provision of materiel support and ongoing maintenance of the ships and associated equipment, systems and operator training facilities.

During 2014-15, the focus will be on support to maintain the materiel capability of the Anzac Class Frigates and continued delivery of the Anti Ship Missile Defence refit and upgrade program. Additional support to materiel capability will be provided to Anzac Class Frigates undertaking activities associated with Operation SLIPPER and Operation RESOLUTE. HMA Ships Anzac, Warramunga, Parramatta, Ballarat and Toowoomba will either enter or exit the Anti-Ship Missile Defence upgrade and refit program during 2014-15.

Planning effort continues in support of the Anzac Class Block Upgrade Program which is scheduled to commence in 2016, and incorporating the Maritime Communications Modernisation Project (SEA 1442 Phase 4), proposed Anzac Air Search Radar Replacement (SEA 1448 Phase 4B) and the Platform Systems Remediation program.

Commercially, effort will be directed to innovate and evolve the major support contracts under the Group 3 Group Maintenance Contract and the Anzac Ship Integrated Materiel Support Program Alliance Master Agreement.