Aeronautical Life Support Equipment

Aeronautical Life Support Logistics Management Unit (ALSLMU) manages Aeronautical Life Support Equipment (ALSE), which encompasses:

  • Helmets and Oxygen Masks
  • Inflatable Life rafts and Vests
  • Load Carriage and Restraint Harnesses
  • Flares, Radios and Signalling devices for Post Evacuation Survival
  • Night Vision Devices

Approximately 80% of ADF ALSE is used by more than one aircraft platform, and is therefore centrally managed. ALSE, which is unique to an aircraft is normally managed along with that platform's other systems.

Aeronautical Life Support Logistics Management Unit provides logistics management of common fit ALSE used across the ADF. Situated at RAAF Edinburgh, ALSLMU is part of Surveillance Response System Program Office within Aerospace Systems Division.

Australian Industry supports deeper level maintenance of ALSE, as well as supply of some equipment. ALSLMU has contracted out maintenance of Air Sea Rescue Kits and Australian industry is contracted to provide common ALSE logistics support to the ADF.

Content is current as at December 2020.