Advanced Growler Airborne Electronic Attack Capability

Project AIR5349 Phase 6 was initiated to support the next series of major Royal Australian Air Force EA-18G Growler upgrades and associated fundamental inputs to capability elements, required to ensure Airborne Electronic Attack Capability remains effective through to the planned withdrawal date. AIR5349 Phase 6 comprises the following upgrades:

  • Next Generation Jammers being developed and acquired by the United States Navy (USN) in 3 increments, namely Mid Band, Low Band, and High Band.
  • Aircraft modifications including sensor upgrades and integration of new stores and ordnance.
  • Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) variants.
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) training range upgrades.
  • Other Jammers.
  • Fundamental inputs to capability including personnel, facilities, spares, support and training devices.

The project will be executed via a tranche approach to Government, with scope of each tranche aligned against with the United States Navy Next Generation Jammer Program.

Approximate Investment Value: $5bn to $6bn

Program Timeframe: 2016-2035


Achieved / Forecast

Project Year of Commencement


In Service Date


Initial Operational Capability


Final Operational Capability (FOC)


Industry Partners include Raytheon US for the Next Generation Jammer Mid Band Engineering Manufacturing and Development.

Content is current as at February 2024.