Combined Logistics Sustainment and Maintenance Enterprise

Combined Logistics Sustainment and Maintenance Enterprise (CoLSME) was introduced as a new initiative at the Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations in 2021. Secretaries and Ministers endorsed this additional cooperation domain to promote a secure and stable Indo-Pacific region and deter aggression.

The purpose of the CoLSME is to support high-end warfighting and combined military operations in the region. It is anticipated that this will help to:

  • enhance interoperability of capabilities
  • overcome logistical challenges and explore logistical opportunities in the region
  • support effective networks of Defence infrastructure
  • promote maintenance of fit-for-purpose capability.

Planning is underway to achieve these outcomes. This includes a range of logistical undertakings to support tactical operations, such as supporting the ongoing Marine Force Rotations in Darwin (MRF-D) and prepositioning United States Army materiel to support training and exercises.