United States Force Posture Initiatives

The United States Force Posture Initiatives (USFPI) are a key component of the alliance. USFPI is a tangible demonstration of the strength of the alliance, and of Defence's engagement within the Indo-Pacific region.

USFPI includes 6 initiatives:


These initiatives provide security, economic, and community benefits for Australia and the US through the following.

  • Enhancing interoperability and capabilities through training and exercises.
  • Increasing engagement with regional partners in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Better positioning both nations to respond to crises in the region, including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.
  • Generating economic, industry and community benefits for Northern Australia through infrastructure investment and the provision of support services.


Work continues on upgrades to key Australian bases in the north, including RAAF Bases Darwin and Tindal, and site surveys have begun to scope additional upgrades at new locations such as RAAF Bases Scherger and Curtin.

Three Initiatives were announced in 2021:

  • Enhanced Land Cooperation
  • Enhanced Maritime Cooperation
  • Combined Logistics Sustainment and Maintenance Enterprise

The scope of the initiatives have since been refined and activities agreed. This includes a commitment to conducting more regular and longer expeditionary visits of conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines from 2023 and increased rotations of US Navy Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft.

At the AUSMIN meeting in July 2023, Australia and the US declared Enhanced Space Cooperation as a new Initiative. This critical operational domain presents further opportunities for collaboration under the USFPI through increased space integration and cooperation under the AUS-US Force Posture Agreement. 

Future cooperation

Australia and the US will continue to enhance force posture cooperation. At the Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations in 2022, Secretaries and Ministers committed to expand program of USFPI activities to meet the changing needs of the region and the relationship. This included identifying priority locations in Australia to support enhanced US force posture and exploring enabling logistics such as prepositioning of stores, munitions and fuel.


The Force Posture Agreement 2014 (PDF, 191.58 KB) USFPI socio-economic impact report (PDF, 2.74 MB)