Below is information for Members of Parliament participating in the Australian Defence Force Parliamentary Program.

Working routine

Defence will tailor conditions to suit individual abilities. Participants are asked to plan attendance for the full activity period.


A medical may be required prior to the activity commencing.


All travel arrangements to and from the activity start location will be at the participant’s expense.


Participants will be issued with the same uniforms, protective clothing and equipment used by ADF personnel wherever possible. A distinctive ‘rank’ insignia will identify them as a parliamentarian participating in the program. Uniforms will be issued in Canberra during the sitting period, prior to each activity.

Meals and accommodation

All meals and accommodation will be provided by Defence, using on base messing where available. Dietary requirements will be catered for where possible.


Operational security is a key factor in ensuring the safety of all participants and ADF members involved in military operations and exercises. It is important that all participants adhere to the need-to-know principle and do not share details relating to the activity or personnel movements with those who do not need to know.