Defence acknowledges the fundamental contribution that Australian industry provides to defence capability and stands ready to support businesses of all sizes right across Australia.

The Australian Defence industry includes all businesses and organisations that provide products or services or are developing products or services that have a specific application for Defence. Australian industry is recognised as a fundamental input to Defence capability, reflecting the importance of industry in Defence capability planning.

Defence engages in various types of procurement, to source the products and services needed by the organisation:

  • Acquisition procurements require goods and services that can be integrated into Defence platforms or used by Defence personnel on operations. Prime contractors are engaged by Defence on long-term contracts with possible sub-contracting opportunities for businesses.
    Sustainment procurements relate to ongoing servicing, maintenance, upkeep and repair of current Defence capabilities and platforms.
  • Commercial procurements cover a range of non-materiel goods and services provided to Defence such as health services, logistics services, training, travel, information technology, stationery and personal protective equipment.
  • Estate management and infrastructure services procurements refers to the maintenance of Defence facilities, establishments and training areas, and a range of construction services.
  • Innovative technology procurements utilise the Defence Innovation Hub as the primary gateway for companies seeking to submit innovation proposals or ideas to Defence.