Procurement framework

The Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) are the foundation of the Commonwealth Procurement Framework. The CPRs are supported by a range of tools, guidance material and templates developed and maintained by the Department of Finance to provide assurance, accountability and transparency into Government procurement activities. These processes and practices make it easier for businesses to participate in the economy and grow their business through contracting to the Australian Government.

Defence provides policy and best practice guidance to Defence officials throughout the procurement lifecycle to assist them in carrying out their obligations under the Commonwealth Procurement Framework and Defence-specific requirements.

Defence utilises a number of tendering and contracting templates, including the Commonwealth Contracting Suite (CCS), Australian Standard for Defence Contractings (ASDEFCON) suite of tendering and contracting templates, and the suite of Facilities Contracts. The templates are tailored to meet different procurement needs and profiles, depending on the size, complexity and nature of the procurement activity.