Commercial Division within the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) assists Defence to manage commercial risk in the capability and procurement lifecycle, consistent with the Commonwealth and Defence accountability framework. The following guidance and general information have been made available to industry to assist when tendering for work and entering into a contractual arrangement with Defence.

  • Selling to Government

    Before selling to Defence, you should have a good understanding of what is involved in selling to the Australian Government.

  • Defence and the Private Sector: Working with Integrity

    This document establishes the expected standards for ethical conduct and probity by both Defence and the private sector when working together.

  • Better Practice Guides

    Better Practice Guides (BPGs) should be considered better practice guidance for Defence staff undertaking procurement activities.

  • Technical Data and Intellectual Property Framework

    (TD/IP) framework is a key Defence reform initiative to improve and streamline Defence procurement processes. The framework achieves a more appropriate balance between the TD/IP needs of Defence and the protection of industry's interests.

  • CASG Cost Principles

    The CASG Cost Principles apply to all procurements. They are mandatory for all procurements valued at greater than two million Australian dollars (AUD$2m), and guidance for all others, unless exemptions apply.

  • Australian Contract Expenditure Measurement Rules

    The Australian Contract Expenditure (ACE) Measurement Rules have been developed to standardise the way in which Australian Contract Expenditure and Imported Contract Expenditure (ICE) are measured across relevant Defence procurements. The rules form part of Defence’s Australian Industry Capability program and support Defence industry policies including the 2019 Defence Policy for Industry Participation.

  • CASG Profit Principles

    The aim of the CASG Profit Principles is to provide guidance in the determination of Defence contract pricing where market competition does not occur.

  • Program Guidelines: Financial Statements Presubmittal Program and Approved Contractor Viability Program

    The Financial Statements Presubmittal Program (FSPP) and Approved Contractor Viability Program (ACVP) are intended to streamline existing Financial Investigation Service (FIS) processes in order to reduce the cost of tendering for both Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) suppliers and Defence.

  • Financial Investigation Service Endorsed Indexes List

    Where a contract contains a formula for the escalation of prices according to published indexes, it is the preference of the Commonwealth that indexes from the Financial Investigation Service (FIS) Endorsed Indexes List are used.

  • Performance Based Contracting

    Performance Based Contracts (PBC) are structured to motivate the supplier to achieve required outcomes, rather than merely achieving specified levels of transactions.

  • Liability Risk Management

    Defence's position on liability is founded on the Defence Liability Principles that have been developed in consultation with Defence industry.

  • Approved Contractor Insurance Program (ACIP) Initiative

    The Approved Contractor Insurance Program (ACIP) is a joint Defence and Industry procurement reform initiative that involves a periodic centralised review of participating Defence companies' global / group and local insurance programs.

  • Master Guarantee Program

    The Master Guarantee Program is a commercial reform that allows Defence prime contractors with a signed Master Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity to apply it to multiple contracts with Defence. The program also allows Defence prime contractors to pre-agree amendments to the ASDEFCON template Bank Guarantee.