Individual engagement performance

Contract Managers must take action to resolve performance issues directly with a consultant before escalating or enacting relevant aspects of the Terms of Engagement.

Performance feedback should be given in a timely and regular manner during the course of a project, allowing for the remedy of issues before any formal action is needed. Issues can be raised during project status meetings, via email when the issue occurs or through conversations.

If an issue cannot be resolved informally it must be raised formally:

  • in a meeting with the consultant that is formally minuted and the record is issued to all attendees
  • in writing, requiring a response from the consultant on their proposed resolution.

The Panel templates page contains proforma notices for use in the instances a written notice is issued.

In all instances of performance communication, documentation and records of the discussions and any rectification actions agreed must be retained by the Project Officer.

Contact the Panel Manager if the issue:

  • is not resolved
  • is panel wide
  • is of a serious nature and termination is being considered.

Panel performance

The Panel Agreement requires all consultants to participate in an annual performance assessment, and to attend any required performance management discussions with the Panel Manager. This performance assessment process occurs each year on 1 July, with performance management discussions held as required.

The performance assessment process focusses on the consultant’s general performance during engagements in the review period, and is informed by the consultant performance assessment.


The consultant performance assessment is a self-assessment completed by the consultant, rating their performance during the review period against the key performance indicators (KPIs) included in the template.

Consultant performance assessment template (DOCX, 24.56 KB)

Commonwealth Contract Managers will also be asked to provide both positive and constructive feedback on that consultant's performance against the same set of KPIs for engagements within the review period. This feedback will be provided to consultants as a part of the annual performance assessment process.

The fully completed annual performance assessment is then sent back to the consultant indicating then the process is complete. Should the consultant have any concerns on the content they should direct this back to the Panel Manager who will determine if a discussion should occur between the Commonwealth Contract Manager and the Consultant. The Consultant should not address feedback directly to the Commonwealth Contract Manager outside of this process.