International Managing Contractor Contract templates

The Managing Contractor Contract (International) (MCCI) is a modified version of Managing Contractor Contract, which provides for involvement of a contractor at an early stage of the project through a 2 phase delivery model.

The delivery comprises of an initial planning phase and a subsequent delivery phase. The contractor is primarily responsible for the planning, design and delivery of the project, including through the engagement of approved subcontractors.

Contract and tender documents

Invitation to register interest (DOCX, 131.25 KB)

Tender documents (DOCX, 282.15 KB)

Conditions of contract (DOCX, 431.44 KB)

Disclaimer and confidentiality agreement (DOC, 247 KB)

Proforma notices and addenda

Tender documents – Tax Residency (DOC, 78 KB)

Proforma notices (DOC, 295.5 KB)

Schedule of collateral documents

Approved Security unconditional undertaking (DOCX, 25.67 KB)

Collateral Warranty (DOCX, 24.12 KB)

Deed of Covenant - Consultant (DOCX, 47.5 KB)

Deed of Covenant – Subcontractor (DOCX, 49.4 KB)

Deed of guarantee, undertaking and substitution (DOCX, 45.97 KB)

Deed of Novation - Consultant (DOCX, 46.45 KB)

Design certificate – Consultant (DOCX, 27.16 KB)

Design certificate – Contractor (DOCX, 39.22 KB)

Design certificate - Subcontractor (DOCX, 39.89 KB)

Moral rights consent single author (DOCX, 40.23 KB)

Moral rights consent multiple authors (DOCX, 42.91 KB)

Expert Determination Agreement (DOCX, 37.58 KB)

Payment claim (DOC, 79 KB)

Payment statement (DOC, 107 KB)

Trust deed (DOC, 67.5 KB)

Medium works subcontract - MESCI for MCCI

Medium Works Subcontract (DOCX, 434.5 KB)

Major works subcontract - MASCI for MCCI

Major Works Subcontract (DOCX, 442.2 KB)

Schedule of collateral documents - MESCI and MASCI for MCCI

Approved Security unconditional undertaking (DOCX, 27.65 KB)

Collateral Warranty (DOCX, 24.97 KB)

Deed of Covenant - Consultant (DOCX, 34.09 KB)

Deed of Covenant – Subcontractor (DOCX, 42.73 KB)

Deed of Covenant - Subsubcontractor (DOCX, 35.33 KB)

Deed of guarantee, undertaking and substitution (DOCX, 33.77 KB)

Design certificate – Consultant (DOCX, 27.3 KB)

Design certificate – Subcontractor (DOCX, 25.7 KB)

Design certificate – Subsubcontractor (DOCX, 25.58 KB)

Expert Determination Agreement (DOCX, 36.55 KB)

Moral rights consent (DOCX, 28.47 KB)

Payment claim (DOCX, 42.25 KB)

Payment statement (DOCX, 44.75 KB)

Design works subcontract

Conditions of contract (DOCX, 334.6 KB)