Early Contractor Involvement Head Contract templates

The Early Contractor Involvement Head Contract (ECI-HC1) templates are used for the engagement of a Design Services Consultant and Head Contractor in the planning or design phase of a project.

The ECI approach includes the following core elements:

  • Early involvement of the Head Contractor as a consultant in the planning phase.
  • The development of high quality design solutions, which are fully consulted, coordinated, properly documented and progressively endorsed at each milestone.
  • A targeted focus on securing improved outcomes for the works.
  • Flexibility to accommodate digital engineering solutions where appropriate.
  • A prioritised commitment to a culture of integrated and interpersonal collaboration, communication and coordination.

Under this delivery model, Defence enters into separate contractual arrangements during the planning phase with the ECI contractors. Subcontractors and Subconsultants may also be engaged to input into the preparation and finalisation of the design.

The planning phase contract is the first of a 2 phase contract engagement on the project for the Head Contractor. The Contractor may be engaged for the construction phase under a delivery phase lump sum contract. This is subject to the terms of the planning phase contract.

Contract and tender documents

Invitation to register interest (DOCX, 132.29 KB)

Tender documents (DOCX, 254.41 KB)

Conditions of contract (DOCX, 501.21 KB)

Disclaimer and confidentiality agreement (DOCX, 77.14 KB)

Outline brief (DOCX, 67.29 KB)


Update summary (DOCX, 71.18 KB)

Schedule of collateral documents

Approved security unconditional undertaking (DOCX, 28.87 KB)

Collateral warranty (DOCX, 27.36 KB)

Deed of covenant - Consultant (DOCX, 45.98 KB)

Deed of covenant - Subcontractor (DOCX, 52.08 KB)

Deed of guarantee and undertaking (DOCX, 38.96 KB)

Deed of novation - Consultant (DOCX, 35.09 KB)

Design certificate - Consultant (DOCX, 26.92 KB)

Design certificate - Contractor (DOCX, 27.87 KB)

Design certificate - Subcontractor (DOCX, 28.02 KB)

Expert determination agreement (DOCX, 37.58 KB)

Moral rights consent single author (DOCX, 40.3 KB)

Moral rights consent multiple authors (DOCX, 40.59 KB)

Payment claim (DOCX, 74.75 KB)

Payment statement (DOCX, 50.4 KB)

Delivery phase terms (DOC, 87 KB)

Proforma notices

Proforma notices (DOCX, 64.06 KB)