Template Letter for Release of Draft Documents to Industry

Early consultation with industry can be vital for assisting Defence to define and resolve capability issues and requirements uncertainty, including by removing ambiguities and identifying those requirements that may be significant cost drivers or stifle innovation. Accordingly, it may be beneficial to release draft documents (e.g. Request For Tender, Statement of Work, Function and Performance Specification etc) for industry review and feedback.

The Template Letter for Release of Draft Documents to Industry (Word) has been specifically designed to encourage projects to take a 'minimalist' approach and contains a limited number of conditions, being those considered sufficient to protect the Commonwealth's interests and address the risks associated with such a process.

The Department of Defence accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of this document. For specific procurements, the Department reserves the right to make changes to the document (or select particular clause 'options') and is not bound to use the document for any particular procurement.