Defence Seaworthiness Regulator

The Defence Seaworthiness Regulator (DSwR) ensures all managers and operators of Defence vessels are appropriately managing risks to people and the environment, while maintaining their operational effectiveness.

DSwR provides oversight and assurance of the governance and management of more than 1900 vessels. DSwR supports capability managers to meet 34 regulations and demonstrate vessel seaworthiness. This provides:

  • confidence in the materiel state of Australian warships and other vessels contributing to Defence outcomes
  • assurance that all parts of Defence know, understand and are managing their maritime risks.

Seaworthiness Conference

The annual Seaworthiness Conference explores contemporary issues around seaworthiness management and emerging risks for Defence maritime. The conferences provides a forum to discuss future directions, share ideas, spark debate and build knowledge across the regulated community.

Details of past conferences can be accessed via these links:

Note, the Seaworthiness Conference was cancelled in 2021 and 2022 due to COVID-19.