Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership needs to be established, maintained and reviewed at regular intervals. Once an entity has achieved membership, they need to maintain certain standards. DISP members submit annual self-assessments, and undergo checks and audits of their security.

Member responsibilities

DISP membership comes with ongoing responsibilities at every level. These are set out in control 16.1 in the DSPF.

They include:

  • The safeguard of Defence and industry’s people, information and assets.
  • Appointing and retaining a CSO and SO.
  • Reporting changes that may affect DISP membership, including:
  • Responding to and reporting any security incidents and suspicious contacts.
  • Maintaining an accurate register of incidents and responses including:
    • security and fraud incidents
    • all contacts with foreign nationals, official and unofficial.
  • Submitting an Annual Security Report every 12 months from the date of DISP membership.
  • Keeping a register of overseas travel and travel briefings for security cleared staff.
  • Regular security training of staff including induction training.
  • Ongoing employment screening and suitability checks.
  • Maintaining a classified document register if accessing information at SECRET level or higher.
  • Maintaining a designated security assessed positions (DSAP) register where the entity is a sponsor of personnel security clearances.

    Designated Security Assessed Positions (DSAP) Fact Sheet (PDF, 320.52 KB)

Change membership level

DISP members may apply to upgrade or downgrade membership levels as needed by contacting DISP.

Change Chief Security Officer and Security Officer

Members must notify DISP within 14 days of any changes to their nominated CSO or SO. Contact DISP and report the details of both the previous and new nominated CSO or SO.

Annual Security Reports

DISP members are required to submit an Annual Security Report (ASR) each year.

The completed ASR template must be submitted to DISP within 10 business days of the anniversary of a member’s original membership grant date.

Annual Security Report template (DOCX, 66.53 KB)