Defence Industry Security Program

Australian entities seeking to partner with Defence have an obligation to contribute to the security of Defence people, information and assets.

There are many things an entity can do to minimise security risks and raise their level of security.

Instrumental to this is the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP). The Program supports Australian entities to understand and meet their security obligations when engaging in Defence tenders, contracts and projects.


DISP is a multi-level membership based program. Its underpinned by the Defence Security Principles Framework  - Principle 16, Control 16.1, Defence Industry Security.

It is essentially security vetting for Australian entities.

The purpose of DISP is to:

  • ensure industry has the right security in place for Defence tenders and contracts
  • provide industry with access to security advice and support services
  • help industry to understand and manage security risks
  • provide assurance to Defence and other government entities when working with DISP members.

There is no direct cost associated with DISP membership, i.e. there is no membership fee. However, there are costs associated with implementing and maintaining security measures to meet both initial and ongoing DISP membership requirements. These might include, for example, facility certification and accreditation, personnel security clearances and physical security measures.

Who should apply

DISP membership is open to any Australian entities looking to become part of the Defence industry supply chain. To become a DISP member an industry entity needs to meet base eligibility criteria. There are also additional criteria based on the level of membership required.

Depending on the type of work an entity undertakes with Defence, or any contractual requirements, DISP membership may be mandated. Membership is not mandated in all circumstances. However, it is highly recommended for any entity currently working on Defence projects or for those seeking to partner with Defence.

Membership benefits

Membership to DISP provides entities with:

  • Access to Defence security services that will enable an entity to be Defence-ready.
  • Ability to sponsor security clearances (note not available for entry level membership).
  • Access to security training and materials, including cyber security guidance.
  • Access to current security information to assist in security practices and planning.
  • Greater access to international contracts, and the possibility to have their security clearances recognised by international partners.
  • Improved security operating environment as security practices are strengthened.

DISP membership does not guarantee Defence contracts for entities. These are still subject to the usual procurement processes.