Estate Works Program

The Estate Works Program (EWP) delivers facilities and infrastructure maintenance projects aimed at restoring or sustaining capability. Projects focus on addressing safety and compliance requirements on the Defence estate.

EWP generates new business opportunities for Defence industry and aims to provide oppor­tunities for small to medium and Indigenous enterprise.

EWP projects can range in value from $10k to $15m, with the typical value between $1.5m and $4m. EWP also delivers minor new capability projects valued at less than $500k.


EWP project prioritisation and programming is managed on a 3 year rolling cycle, allowing for responsiveness to changing requirements.

Each year requirements are reviewed at local, regional and national levels and assessed according to risk, work categorisation, planned release and funding thresholds. Approve requirements are aggregated into projects.

Scope of works

The Program's scope of works includes:

  • design and investigations
  • building refurbishments
  • replacement of fixed plant equipment
  • building demolition
  • compliance and safety works in buildings and infrastructure
  • civil works, including roads, drainage, sewers and water infrastructure
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, communication and security infrastructure
  • minor construction
  • environmental and heritage management works
  • contamination remediation works.

Delivery model

EWP projects are delivered via a 3 phase process, although all 3 phase may not be required.

  1. Scope and feasibility - stakeholders are engaged to confirm requirements and outcomes, determine the project scope, and assess feasibility to progress.
  2. Design - conceptual design and/or a detailed design documentation is developed aligned to the project scope and to inform tender document preparation.
  3. Delivery - the engagement and execution of construction work, with final assets commissioned and handed over to Defence.

Delivery services

Defence centrally coordinates EWP project delivery services, sometimes across multiple sites, including:

  • procurement and management of delivery contractors
  • detailed scope validation, design and specification
  • managing contracted works and project financial commitments
  • oversight handover takeover processes and the update of estate data.

To access project delivery services use the contacts provide on this page.


National and project specific industry briefings provide industry with information and guidance about EWP projects. Details of scheduled briefings can be found on the Industry training and events page.


The EWP forward schedule of tender releases for the next 12 months is available to assist industry with planning.

All EWP tendering opportunities are published on AusTender once released - industry can register for AusTender notifications related to new opportunities.

Note, there is no Defence panel specifically for EWP.