• the facilities to be used for the handling and storage of Treaty articles have been accredited to a minimum of DISP Physical Security Level 1 requirements
  • any personnel requiring access to Treaty articles hold a current security clearance issued by the Australian Government at, or equivalent to, BASELINE or higher
  • the articles you intend to transfer have been exported from the United States using the ITAR Treaty exemption, or if already in Australia have been transitioned into the Treaty
  • the receiver is a member of the Approved Community
  • an approved Intermediate Consignee will be used to transfer the articles.

Generally, most articles will be transitioned into the Treaty by United States Community members before being exported to Australia. Australian Community members will only be required to transition articles into the Treaty for articles that have already been exported from the United States under existing ITAR arrangements (export licence or other authorisation) and are in Australia.

The Australian Community Manual provides information on using the Treaty for both Industry and Government. This is document can be found on the Resources page.

The Treaty requires Australian Community members to use an approved Intermediate Consignee to transport Treaty Articles to other Approved Community members. Only those Intermediate Consignees on the approved Intermediate Consignee List can receive Treaty Articles for the purpose of transportation.

Australian Community members should consult the approved Intermediate Consignee List to source a provider to transport their Treaty Articles.

Once the articles you wish to transfer have been transitioned into the Treaty, and have selected an approved Intermediate Consignee, you are ready to transfer the Treaty Article to other Approved Community members in Australia and the United States.