Under the Treaty, freight forwarders, customs brokers or other commercial transport providers involved in the movement of Treaty Articles will require approval as an Intermediate Consignee. Intermediate Consignees are not required to join the Approved Community.

All approved Intermediate Consignees will be identified on a list published by Defence. The approved Intermediate Consignees may receive Treaty Articles from Australian Community members for the purpose of transportation to other Approved Community members, including those located in the United States.

The Treaty requires Australian Community members to use an approved Intermediate Consignee to transport Treaty Articles. A list of Approved Intermediate Consignees can be found within the Resources section.

Applicants must fulfil the following reporting compliance requirements to be listed as an approved Intermediate Consignee:

  • The Intermediate Consignee's primary business must be as a freight forwarder, customs broker or other commercial transport provider. 
  • The Intermediate Consignee must have a tracking system that is capable of tracking the movement of articles in their possession including information such as time, date, location and identity of recipient. 
  • The Intermediate Consignee must ensure that articles are handled and managed strictly in accordance with the regulations.