Australian Community Membership

Members of defence industry or research and education institutions, may apply for Australian Community membership. To be eligible, the applicant must be an Australian body corporate. Applicants do not need to be currently engaged in business that is immediately suitable for the Treaty, however, they should be able to indicate what business may be undertaken using the Treaty arrangements.

To process your application Defence will require information on the following:

  • Company name including past trading names;
  • Company ownership;
  • Proof of ownership or approved access to a facility accredited or capable of being accredited to handle and store Treaty Articles; and,
  • Company ICT system protection information.

An applicant who has had their application to join the Australian Community refused may request to have the decision reviewed. A request for review of a decision must be made in writing to the Minister within 30 calendar days of receiving notification of the decision. The request for review must set out the reasons why the applicant is dissatisfied with the decision.

General information regarding supply and handling of Treaty Articles can be found at Using the Treaty.