Australian Community Membership Information

Australian Community Membership is available to members of defence industry and associated educational and research institutions. There are a series of requirements that must be met to be eligible for membership. Additionally, applicants will be required to indicate their reason for seeking membership, with current or forecast Treaty use described within their detailed application.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • the organisation’s export compliance history under Australian and US export controls
  • whether the approval of the organisation would prejudice the security, defence or international relations of Australia
  • whether the organisation can demonstrate existing or future involvement in Treaty-eligible activities (against the DTCML and approved activity lists)
  • the extent of foreign ownership, control or influence over an organisation
  • whether the organisation can demonstrate the necessary clearance levels of all staff requiring access to Treaty articles
  • whether the organisation has, or has access to, a facility capable of protecting Treaty Articles.

This assessment will be coordinated by Australian Trade Treaty staff upon receipt of a full and complete application.

An applicant who has had their application to join the Australian Community refused may request to have the decision reviewed. A request for review of a decision must be made in writing to the Minister within 30 calendar days of receiving notification of the decision. The request for review must set out the reasons why the applicant is dissatisfied with the decision.