Transition from Reserves

All service categories (SERCATs) are eligible to access Transition Coaching and Support, and the Defence Force Transition Program (DFTP), on a needs basis for up to 24 months post-transition. This includes ADF members:

  • transitioning from SERCAT 3, 4 or 5 to SERCAT 2 or ceasing all forms of ADF Service
  • completing a call to duty operation (SERCAT 2 members).

SERCATs 2 to 5 are not eligible for Approved Absence under the DFTP.

Contact your Transition Centre for more information.


You will need to submit the Web Form AC853 (application to transfer within or separate from the ADF) to notify Defence of your intention to transition.

This form is available on the Defence intranet forms portal, ForceNet or at your local Reserve office.

The Transition Centre will provide you with a questionnaire about your circumstances. This will assist with developing a support package specific to you and your families’ needs.

Once you have completed a questionnaire, a representative from the Transition Centre will be in touch to confirm your circumstances and seek any additional information to identify support programs and services based on your needs.

A seminar will assist you and your family with your transition. This can be accessed through a face-to-face event or via an online virtual seminar portal.

For a step-by-step checklist see the ADF Member and Family Transition Guide or contact your local Transition Centre.


ADF Member and Family Transition Guide (PDF, 7.09 MB)