Defence Force Transition Program

The Defence Force Transition Program (DFTP) offers individual assistance to permanent, full-time and Reserve members. Access to the DFTP is provided by your transition coach and programs are available for up to 24 months post-transition.


Job Search Preparation workshops

Available either face-to-face as a 2 day workshop or delivered virtually as four 2 hour workshops. 

This workshop includes:

  • how to build a resume
  • how to apply for jobs
  • ongoing access to an online library of resources.

Approved Absence

Permanent full-time ADF members can apply for leave for transition related activities. Leave needs to be approved by your Chain of Command.

Approved activities include:

  • searching for accommodation
  • job interviews
  • appointments
  • work experience.

Career Transition Training

If your transition coach identifies a training need, this program provides a financial contribution of up to $5,320.00 towards training and upskilling. Support may also be available to help with travel to attend this training.

Career Transition Coaching

Involves intensive specialist coaching and is available to help you identify your motivators, skills and career options. Coaching will assist you to develop an employment plan, develop interview skills, build a competitive resume, and adjust to the civilian employment environment.

This coaching is modular so your transition coach will work with you to build a personal plan to support your needs. Members who participate in the program are provided with lifetime access to the online employment and training resources portal.

Personalised Career and Employment Program 

Provides up to 3 months of career development and job placement support. This program is for members who are generally 18-30 years old and have served for less than four years. Eligible members may have left the ADF for the following reasons:

  • due to administrative or medical reasons
  • did not complete initial training
  • disciplinary reasons
  • injury.

The program includes 6 individual coaching sessions with an employment specialist.

Transition for Employment

Supports a military member transitioning for medical reasons with complex circumstances for up to 24 months to support secure employment or meaningful engagement.

On the Job Experience

Provides opportunities for members to undertake unpaid work experience in their chosen post-transition field. The program requires consultation with an agreement by your Unit Command. While you are undertaking a job placement you will continue to be paid by Defence and covered by Comcare.

Financial advice

A financial contribution of up to $1000 for professional financial advice to assist you and your family in planning for your financial security after transition.

Partner Employment Assistance Program

Provides funding towards initiatives to assist ADF partners with finding employment when they relocate due to posting or where the partner is medically transitioning.


ADF Member and Family Transition Guide (PDF 9.93 MB) Factsheet - Coaching for Change (CTC) (PDF 946.29 KB) Factsheet - Competency and Capability Mapping (CTC) (PDF 792.67 KB) Factsheet - Developing Civilian Career Goals (CTC) (PDF 815.99 KB) Factsheet - Interview Skills (CTC) (PDF 824.17 KB) Factsheet - Job Connections (CTC) (PDF 834.27 KB) Factsheet - Job Search Preparation Workshop (PDF 782.34 KB) Factsheet - Negotiation Skills (CTC) (PDF 773.01 KB) Factsheet - Personal Branding and Marketing (CTC) (PDF 773 KB) Factsheet - Planning for Retirement (CTC) (PDF 774.06 KB) Factsheet - Resume and Job Search Skills (CTC) (PDF 920.75 KB) Factsheet - Personality Mapping and Career Insights (CTC) (PDF 776.38 KB) Factsheet - Becoming a Mentor CTC (PDF 218.02 KB) Factsheet - Approved Absence (PDF 277.54 KB) Factsheet - Career Transition Training (PDF 296.12 KB) Factsheet - Financial Advice (PDF 297.83 KB) Factsheet - On the Job Experience (PDF 363.79 KB) Factsheet - Personalised Career and Employment Program (PDF 353.93 KB) Factsheet - Partner Employment Assistance Program (PDF 944.87 KB) Factsheet - Preparing to Study (CTC) (PDF 252.81 KB) Factsheet - Preparing to Volunteer (CTC) (PDF 218.34 KB) Factsheet - Social Connectivity (CTC) (PDF 218.68 KB) Factsheet - Transition for Employment (PDF 492.41 KB) Factsheet - Volunteering Connections (CTC) (PDF 218.53 KB)