Transition support for families

Transition from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) may affect a member’s family or significant support people, who will also be experiencing change. Impact on families resulting from transition may include:

  • relocation
  • new career
  • changes in financial circumstances
  • changes in schools
  • changes in family responsibilities
  • change in identity and community.

Family participation

Including family in the transition planning process, coaching sessions and seminars, can lead to better outcomes and support for everyone.

Partner Employment Assistance Program

The Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP) provides support and funding for eligible ADF partners for initiatives aimed at improving employability.

Defence Member and Family Helpline

Family members can access programs and services through the Defence Member and Family Helpline, including:

  • moving and relocation
  • deployment and time apart
  • managing difficult times
  • changing schools
  • sourcing childcare
  • parents and extended families
  • family members with special needs
  • emergency and crisis support.