Defence Member and Family Helpline

The Defence Member and Family Helpline is the first point of call for Defence families seeking support, information or connection with their community.

The Helpline can provide assessment, assistance, advice or referral depending on the family's needs.


The Helpline call centre is available 24-7 and is staffed by qualified human services professionals including social workers and psychologists.

Members and families who are living overseas can contact the Helpline free of charge by calling their country-specific free-call number from a landline.

Region Helpline number
United Kingdom 0 800 051 2187
North America 1 855 809 3999
Malaysia 1800 816 443
Papua New Guinea 0 0086 1004

Alternatively, +61 2 6127 1600 can be dialled from both within and outside Australia.


Emails received by the Helpline will be responded to within 24 hours.


Contact the Helpline for these services:

  • help during a crisis
  • support during deployment, posting or relocation
  • referral to a Local Area Office
  • connection with community groups and local area resources
  • referral to a Education Liaison Officer
  • support for partner employment
  • assistance with children's childcare or education
  • assistance for families with special needs
  • access to transition coaching
  • counselling for personal, relationship and family problems.