Living away from your resident family

When an Australian Defence Force (ADF) member is posted to a new location, families may choose to remain in their current location. When this occurs the family is classified as unaccompanied resident family (URF).

Choosing this option is an important family decision. Families should research posting locations and consider the implications of living separately versus relocating.

Creating a plan for how to make living across 2 households work is helpful. Establishing new routines, finding ways to stay connected and continuing to make decisions as a family, will help families adjust to the change.

When living separately families can be eligible for additional benefits and allowances, including:

  • reduced accommodation costs at posting location
  • reunion visits
  • separation allowance
  • utilities allowance
  • food allowance.

The ADF Pay and Conditions Manual provides a summary for living away from your resident family.

Contact the Defence Member and Family Helpline for more information.