The 1914–15 Star was authorised in 1918 and was awarded for service in specified theatres of war between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915.

Theatres of war are defined in Appendix A to Admiralty Order 4045 of 1918 and Appendix A to Military Order 117 of 1919 (PDF).

A recipient of the 1914 Star could not also be awarded the 1914–15 Star.

The four pointed star is bright bronze, ensigned with a crown. The obverse has crossed gladius, overlaid with an oak wreath that is ensigned with the cypher of King George V. A scroll bearing the legend 1914-15 is centrally placed across the crossed blades.

The ribbon has the red white and blue colours of the Empire, in shaded and watered stripes. The same ribbon is used for the 1914 Star and the 1914–15 Star.

Source Documents

1914-15 Star criteria (PDF, 37.24 KB)

Fact Sheets

DHA Fact Sheet World War 1 Medals (PDF, 593.84 KB)