Workplace experience

Every work area in Defence has its own unique traits that make it a great place to work. Defence invests heavily in its people to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work with great leaders, and great teams.


Everyone must be respected, valued, included and supported by good leaders who exemplify Defence values. Defence leaders are accountable, trustworthy, transparent and foster a positive work environment. It is their job to regularly communicate with their teams and be stewards of Defence’s cultural expectations. Defence expects everyone to play a role in reinforcing Defence culture, values and behaviours.


Being part of Defence means being part of a great team. Defence teams are underpinned by the value of respect, and Defence strives to build teams that support, challenge and inspire everyone, both personally and professionally.

Every team is also part of the bigger One Defence team. Throughout their career Australian Defence Force (ADF) members will have the opportunity to collaborate with diverse teams across Defence to achieve some truly amazing things.

Diversity and inclusion

Defence is committed to creating a workplace where people from all backgrounds feel confident that they will be heard and their contributions are welcome. Diverse teams make Defence stronger and people are encouraged to be themselves, add their voice, and know that everything they bring to the table is valued.

​Reward and recognition

Defence values members' contribution and aspires to recognise outstanding work, leadership and behaviours. This might be done informally, or more formally, through the reward and recognition policy, the honours and awards framework and performance frameworks. Defence wants members to be inspired and motivated.


Defence strives for high standards and accountability. Defence values, particularly integrity and excellence, guide members in everything they do. There are robust integrity, assurance, accountability frameworks and governance mechanisms to guide Defence in making decisions and achieving desired outcomes.


Innovation underpins everything Defence does. New ideas, unique perspectives and creative solutions to challenging problems are welcome. Defence challenges the status quo and works with a broad range of stakeholders to harness the collective knowledge, skills and perspectives that generate great ideas and better solutions.