Film and television requests

Each request for Defence support for film, television and other projects is reviewed and considered in light of communicating Defence key messages, and where there is an existing connection and clear benefit to Defence.

All Defence messages flow from the Defence mission.

Defence do not provide financial assistance in any form. For policy reasons, Defence cannot provide support to advertisements with the exception being certain community service announcements, and student films and productions.

Process for requests

Follow the steps to submit a request.

  1. Read the support information provided on this page prior to sending an email to with an outline of the company‚Äôs request. Defence will assess the request and advise if a request form is required to be submitted.

  2. If applicable, complete the Request form to formalise the company's request for Defence support. Include as much detail as possible in the form to assist Defence in evaluating the request.

  3. Email the signed Request form as a PDF to

Request for Defence support in film, television and other projects (DOCX, 32.41 KB)

Support information

Defence receives numerous requests for assistance in film and television production that place demands upon resources and/or have security implications. All requests are treated as being commercial-in-confidence.

Defence do not provide financial assistance as this can put into question a production's editorial independence.

Please complete the request form to formalise your company's request for Defence support, with as much detail as possible. This will provide necessary information which will assist Defence in evaluating your request.

In the case of film or television productions, the request form should be signed by the producer, who should also be named as the (co-)applicant. Researchers and location managers have insufficient legal authority, responsibility and control of the overall production to be able to guarantee compliance with all of the terms and conditions associated with this form.

A signed original or e-mailed PDF with a digital signature is required. The signature indicates acceptance to the Terms and Conditions that form part of the request form.

Depending on the degree of non-compliance with the terms and conditions, Defence may seek legal remedies, which include but are not limited to monetary recompense, and/or injunction to prevent broadcast, screening, sale or rental or giveaway in DVD/video or other forms, and/or withdrawal of all support to the production.

Where there is no connection with Defence or Defence-related themes or issues, support will not be provided. Defence policy prevents the provision of support where a commercial alternative is available or industrial arrangements may be contravened. Defence has a standing policy of not endorsing products or services and will decline any request where such an endorsement may be inferred or implied.

Defence will not approve requests for support to products or services when there is no current business relationship between the supplier and Defence.

A summary of the key messages leading to reputation benefits, which Defence looks for when assessing a request, is available via Defence mission.