Senate Order 13 - Entity contracts

The Senate Order on Entity Contracts requires non-corporate Commonwealth entities to publish information in relation to contracts and their use of confidentiality provisions.

The contract listing includes all non-procurement contracts to the value of $100k or more (GST inclusive) which:

  • have been entered into during the reporting period
  • have not been fully performed as at the end of the reporting period.

Most of the contracts listed contain confidentiality provisions of a general nature that are designed to protect the confidential information of the parties that may be obtained or generated in carrying out the contract. The reasons for including such clauses include:

  • ordinary commercial prudence that requires protection of trade secrets, propriety information and the like
  • protection of other Commonwealth material and personal information.

The contract listing excludes contracts that have been exempted from being reported on the basis that they would disclose exempt matters under the Freedom of Information Act.

Entity contracts reporting – calendar year 2023 (PDF, 569.87 KB)

Entity contracts reporting – financial year 2022-23 (PDF, 572.91 KB)

Entity contracts reporting - calendar year 2022 (PDF, 566.11 KB)

Entity contract reporting - financial year 2021-2022 (PDF, 332.57 KB)

Note, procurement contracts are not included in this contract listing. They can be accessed via AusTender's contract notices listing.