Woomera Prohibited Area access zones

Under the management framework, Defence remains the primary user of the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA). The WPA is divided into Green, Amber and Red access zones, each offering different levels of access or time-share to non-Defence users. 

Woomera access zones

The WPA access zone and external boundaries are shown in PIRSA Plan No 204192-001 (6Mb PDF).

A map of the WPA is also accessible through the South Australian Resources Information Geoserver. To display the WPA boundary and management zones, select Map Layers > Data > Land Access > Restricted Exploration or Production > Woomera Prohibited Area.

Green – infrequent Defence use

Non-Defence users may not need to be excluded during the course of the year, depending on the frequency and type of testing being conducted in the Green access zone.

Non-Defence users in the Green Zone may be required to evacuate for up to 56 days per year. Non-Defence users who have a permanent presence in the WPA will be given six months notice of any exclusion periods. Non-Defence users who do not have a permanent presence will be given 14 days notice.

Amber – periodic Defence use

Non-Defence users in the Amber Zone will be notified of the exclusion periods for the coming financial year every March.  Complete evacuation means no non-Defence personnel or activities on the site are allowed.

Red – continuous Defence use

In accordance with the Review, no additional non-Defence users will be admitted to the Red Zone due to the frequency of Defence use, the associated safety and security requirements, and the complexity of managing use. 

The exception will be geological surveys conducted by the South Australian Government.

Public right of access

Separate to the Green, Amber and Red access zones, there is a public right of access to the north-south railway and the Stuart Highway through the WPA.  This access is subject to Defence closing the railway and highway when required.