2018 Review of the Woomera Prohibited Area Coexistence Framework

On 29 March 2019, the Australian Government announced its response to a review conducted by Dr Gordon de Brouwer PSM into coexistence arrangements in the Woomera Prohibited Area and supports the findings and recommendations of the review.

The review consulted extensively with a range of stakeholders and considered whether the coexistence framework—that balances Defence use with the needs of other users—is fit-for-purpose for today‚Äôs environment and into the future.

The review makes 12 recommendations. These reflect the enduring critical importance of the Woomera Prohibited Area to national security, while also recognising the considerable value the area holds for Aboriginal cultural heritage, mineral resources, pastoral operations, environmental research and other scientific activity.

Read the full report Coexistence in the Woomera Prohibited Area: 2018 Review (PDF).

Read Geoscience Australia Mineral and Petroleum Resources and Potential of the Woomera Prohibited Area, 2018 (Annex C to the review report).

Read the Office of the Chief Economist Economic Assessment of Mineral Resources within the Woomera Prohibited Area (Annex D to the review report).

Read the media release, National security and relationships key to coexistence in Woomera Prohibited Area.