Resource Production (Mining) Permit

To obtain access to the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) for mining activities you need to:

All Resource Production (Mining) Permits include standard WPA conditions of access and may, in some instances, also include additional conditions specific to individual permits.

Resource Production Permit applications should be submitted at least 55 business days prior to any proposed access to the WPA.

Processing begins upon receipt of a complete and accurate application. If additional information is required from the applicant, the processing time may be extended.

Resource Access Request

You must obtain permission to enter the WPA by way of a Resource Access Request.

You are required to complete an Access Form – Resources (XLS) for each activity you wish to conduct in the WPA. This is to ensure that concurrent resource and Defence activities do not pose a risk to safety, property or national security. You can apply for access to tenements or areas located within the WPA if you have a current permit.

The form must be submitted to the Woomera Test Range at least 10 business days before any proposed access to the WPA. The Woomera Test Range will contact you to advise if access has been approved and if any special conditions apply. No access will be permitted to WPA access zones while they are subject to an exclusion period.

Approved Person and Escorted Person requirements

Conditions of access for Approved Persons and Escorted Persons (visitors) can differ considerably. These conditions will be specified in the permit. Individuals accessing the area should also observe the safety precautions.

Permits for Resource Exploration and Resource Production require company personnel to be an Approved or Escorted Person prior to entry to the WPA. Approved or Escorted Person status is obtained by completing an Approved Person (DOC) or Escorted Person (DOC) application.

Approved Person status is valid for two years. Permit holders should re-apply for Approved Person status at least 20 business days prior to expiry of the employee's approval to ensure their status is maintained. This time may be extended if further information is required.

Approved Person status is not automatically transferable between different companies undertaking business within the WPA. An applicant who has previously been granted Approved Person status under one permit who now requires approval under a different permit must submit a further application but is only required to complete Sections 1a and 7 of the form. If the status expires within six months, you may be asked to complete additional fields.