• You may travel on the following roads without a permit:
    • Stuart Highway
    • Lake Cadibarrawirracanna Road (Public Access Route)
    • Olympic Dam Highway (B97)
    • William Creek Road
    • Woomera Village.
  • Access permits are required for all other roads.
  • Permission to travel in the WPA, including those roads listed above, may be suspended from time to time to protect people or property; see Exclusion periods.
  • You may require separate permissions to travel within Aboriginal lands and state conservation parks.

Exploration and mining

Exploration Access Request

  • Access Form – Resources (W007) (XLS): after a permit and Approved Person or Escorted Person status has been obtained, use this form to apply for access to the exploration area or tenements on specific dates with at least 10 business days notice.

Change of tenements, details or circumstances 

Government access

Prospecting and opal mining

Research or other purpose access