The Defence White Paper

The Prime Minister and the Minister for Defence have announced that Defence will produce a new White Paper to be completed in 2015.

Defence White Papers are the Government's most important guidance about Australia's long-term defence capability. They provide an opportunity for the Government and community to understand the opportunities and challenges for Australia's future defence and security needs.

The 2015 Defence White Paper will align defence policy with military strategy and deliver an affordable Australian Defence Force structure.

The development process for the White Paper will involve a comprehensive consultation process, with input from across Government, industry, the Australian public, our allies and regional partners.

Following the release of the 2015 Defence White Paper, Defence will publish a 10-year Defence Capability Plan and a Defence Industry Policy Statement to provide defence industry with greater certainty about the Government's key priorities and timeframes.

The 2015 Defence White Paper will be a whole-of-government product that reflects the Government's overall strategic, national security, fiscal and broader policy priorities.

2015 Defence White Paper Expert Panel

The Minister for Defence has appointed an external Expert Panel to contribute to the development of the White Paper and the Force structure Review and provide independent advice to Ministers.

The Expert Panel includes:

  • Mr Peter Jennings, Executive Director of Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) - Chair;
  • Rear Admiral James Goldrick (Ret'd);
  • Mr Rory Medcalf, the Lowy Institute;
  • Mr Mike Kalms, Partner, KPMG;
  • Dr Andrew Davies, ASPI; and
  • Dr Stephan Frühling, Australian National University.

The Expert Panel brings a mixture of relevant government, military, industry and academic experience to the White Paper process. They will contribute to the vigorous analysis and drafting of the White Paper and Force Structure Review; challenge key assumptions; and provide independent views to Government at the request of Ministers.

The Defence White Paper team and the Expert Panel will engage with experts in Australia and abroad, within Government and industry, the think-tank community, State and Territory and local Governments and with the Australian people throughout the development of the White Paper.

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