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Vice Chief of the
Defence Force Group

Joint Capability Coordination Division

Joint Capability Coordination Division

Joint Capability Coordination (JCC) Division's role is to coordinate the development of joint force capability. The Division does not have executive responsibility for capability management, and will normally operate at the policy and conceptual level allowing the Services and Groups to prosecute their roles as capability managers.

The core functions of the Division are to:

  1. provide the conceptual basis for development of the future joint force;
  2. advise CDF on the status of ADF preparedness; and
  3. define the interoperability standards for the delivery of joint and combined capability outcomes.

The Division supports VCDF in improving Defence's ability to deliver joint capability and his responsibilities as the Joint Capability Authority. This entails coordination of some specific development issues and the management of specific processes in the Defence capability life cycle, but the desired end-state is a coordinated set of policies and concepts across Defence that enhance current and future joint force effectiveness.

JCC Division has been designated as Defence's Capability Coordinator for the following:

  • Battlespace Awareness
  • Air Surface Integration - Joint Fires
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Chemical, Biological Radiological and Nuclear
  • Cyber
  • Biometrics
  • Human Intelligence
  • Command and control
  • ICT enabled joint command support
  • Ballistic Missile Defence
  • Joint Experimentation
  • Joint lessons
  • Countering Improvised Explosive Devices

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