Report of the Post-Armistice Korean Service Review

This report addresses the outcome of the Post-Armistice Korean Service Review, which considers the level of recognition of Australian service in Korea between 28 July 1953 and 26 August 1957, following the Armistice.

Due to the size of the document it has been split into the following sections:

Title, Contents, Working Party Members, Terms of Reference, Executive Summary, Recommendations, Introduction and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1 - Background to the Review

Chapter 2 - Methodology and Principles

Chapter 3 - History of Medal and Badge Recognition for Australian Post-Second World War Deployments
Annex 3A - Table of Clasps Awarded with Medals

Chapter 4 - Summary of Previous Reviews
Annex 4A - Principles of the Committee of Inquiry into Defence Awards (CIDA)
Annex 4B - 2005 Health Study-Statistical Analysis

Chapter 5 - Australia in Korea 1950-57: the War and Post-Armistice Service
Annex 5A - Graph: Estimated Total Combatant Strengths, Korea 1953-55
Annex 5B - Maps (1Mb)
Annex 5C - Photographs (700kb)
Annex 5D - Report of DMZ incidents, mid-1955
Annex 5E - Extract from Defence Joint Planning Committee Report-Force reductions in Korea

Chapter 6 - Legal issues: the distinction between terms used for military discipline jurisdiction, medal recognition and veterans entitlements

Chapter 7 - Case for Medal and Badge Recognition

Chapter 8 - Broader Policy Options relating to the Award of Medals

Chapter 9 - Commemoration of Those who Died
Annex 9A - List of Australian Servicemen who Died in Korea or Japan
Annex 9B - Photographs

Chapter 10 - Conclusions


1 - Explanation of Terms
2 - Public Notices
3 - List of Submissions
4 - List of Hearings and Witnesses
5 - Text of Formal Opening and Closing Statements used at Public Hearings
6 - Documents relating to the Award of Medals and the RASB
7 - Text of Legal Advising
8 - Chronology of Key Events
9 - Bibliography

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