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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Spatial Information - GIS Development

Spatial Data

Diagrammatical and pictorial information that identifies the spatial context of natural or constructed land, infrastructure and building features or boundaries, and in some cases position on the earth. Spatial data typically includes Computer Aided Design (CAD) information, Geographical Information System (GIS) data and digital aerial photography and satellite imagery.

Geospatial Preparedness Working Group (GPWG)

The Geospatial Preparedness Working Group (GPWG) is formed by a core group of stakeholders, facilitating two-way engagement on key areas of interest in the geospatial domain. The group will be able to represent the broader E&IG interests by gradual inclusion into the group. The group will meet in a pre-defined monthly frequency unless factors necessitate a change to this schedule.

Focus of the Working Group

By initiating the Geospatial Preparedness Working Group the following outcomes are expected:

  • Business areas impacted by new geospatial capability (such as SAP geo-enablement) will be able to be engaged and responded to with timely, relevant information regarding the changes.
  • Projects and other initiatives requiring business input on a geospatial component can seek guidance and planning assistance from a central group in the first instance.
  • Issues impacting the geospatial domain of E&IG are aggregated by a central representative group which reduces the risk of inconsistent procedures and decision making.
  • Business geospatial data (operational layers) requirements are prepared for GEMS solution realisation, and
  • The geospatial interests of Defence Support will be formally represented at other Defence-wide geospatial discussions and formally promoted to the E&IG executive.
Feedback to the working group is strongly encouraged. Please do so via the Geospatial Forum.

GIS & Geospatial Community Forum

The forum is aimed at being a mechanism to improve communication between geospatial community members. 

Click here for the GIS & Geospatial Community Forum.

Contact the Spatial Team

If you require further assistance or advice please contact the spatial team via the following email:

Rod Armstrong
Manager, Spatial Systems
(02) 61287788

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