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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services



MCF Procurements

These templates have been developed for the use in MCF Procurement.

Non Materiel Procurment (Internal Only)

These Non Materiel procurement templates should be used for low cost, low risk one-off procurement activities and not for CFI projects involving the development and delivery of infrastructure . This can range from the engagement of consultants/contractors outside of standing offers or panel agreements and DSO projects.

  • Non Materiel Procurement Template Library
  • Endorsement to Proceed
  • Section 23 - Commitment Approval Submission


The following template letters are to be used to notify successful and unsuccessful Registrants and Tenderers for CFI Procurement activities only in support of HC, MCC, MW and DSC contracting activities.

Minutes/Letters/Fax/Brief (Internal Only)

Powerpoint (Internal Only)

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