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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Energy Efficiency

Vision: Defence will drive efficiency in energy management to maintain capability, reduce costs, and increase energy security

Steve Grzeskowiak, DEPSEC DSR - Defence Resilience Global Change Seminar—Defence Energy Symposium

Energy is a critical requirement for Defence to maintain and enhance its capability and as such Defence is committed to best practice energymanagement. Efficient and effective energy management is fundamental to Defence.

The Objectives of the Defence Estate Energy Policy are:

Objective 1: Less Energy - Reduce the energy requirement for Defence by maximising energy efficiency in all aspects of Defence business.

Objective 2: Cleaner Energy - Transition to cleaner (lower-emission), more sustainable and more secure energy sources.

Objective 3: Measuring and Monitoring Energy - Ensure infrastructure and processes are in place to be able to measure and manage Defences energy consumption and generation effectively.

Earth Hour

Defence is an annual participant in Earth Hour. This event aims to raise awareness of energy use and efficiency across the Estate. Personnel can take part in Earth Hour annually by reviewing their energy use at work and looking for opportunities to use less fuel, electricity and gas.

Defence's participation in the 2015 Earth Hour was endorsed by Assistant Secretary Environment and Engineering (2015 Earth Hour Defgram) and reviewed in the DSRG Behind the Lines Article

Energy Efficiency in Government Operations (EEGO) Policy

As part of Australia's response to these global concerns, the Australian Federal Government released in September 2006 the Energy Efficiency in Government Operations (EEGO) Policy, which sets targets to improve efficiency of energy consumption by all Commonwealth Departments and Agencies. Under this policy, Defence is required to report annually on energy management and efficiency against a range of performance indicators and to demonstrate that progress is being made to manage energy more efficiently. Energy Efficiency in Government Operations (EEGO) aims to improve energy efficiency, and consequently reduce the whole of life cost and environmental impact of Government operations, and by so doing, lead the community by example.


To find out more, contact the Director of Energy Efficiency, Environmental Resource Management and Sustainability (DEEERMS), or your local Regional Environment and Sustainability Officer.

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