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Heritage Management - Defence Heritage Register

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The Defence Heritage Register is a list of Defence owned or controlled places on the Commonwealth Heritage List (CHL), National Heritage List (NHL) and/or within a World Heritage Listing (WHL). Further information on these lists can be found under the Commonwealth heritage legislative regime.

The Defence Heritage Register can be accessed in two ways:

1 Click on the links below to go directly to the state of your choice:

ACT     |    NSW     |    QLD     |    SA     |    VIC     |    TAS     |    WA     |    NT

2. Defence personnel with access to the Defence Estate Management System (DEMS) can view further information in database form via the Defence Heritage Module.

The information contained in this list is provided in good faith and whilst every effort is made to ensure its accuracy it is not an official indication of the heritage status of a Defence place. Written advice of the correct status of a place is available from the Defence Heritage Team on the contact details below.

The Defence Heritage Unit expressly disclaim all and any persons whatsoever in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance whether in whole or in part upon any of the contents of this list.

NOTE: Detailed information on most of these places can be obtained by clicking the Place ID number. This links to the Australian Heritage Database on the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities website and we acknowledge their assistance in enabling this. Unless otherwise specified the Place ID number links to the CHL for the place. Where a place is also on the WHL or NHL, then the Place ID number for the WHL or NHL is provided next to that place. The CHL, NHL and WHL is being compiled on an ongoing basis, as identification and assessment work proceeds under the provisions of the EPBC Act. Many more Defence sites may be listed as their heritage values are assessed.

Archival Records are located at the bottom of the page.

Australian Capital Territory 
Defence Site
CHL Place Details
CHL Place ID Number
(Enter this number into the Australian Heritage Database "Place ID Number")
RMC Duntroon Residence Asset C15, 4 Parnell Rd, Campbell 105390
Residence Asset C14, 3 Parnell Rd, Campbell 105389
Residence Asset C13, 2 Parnell Rd, Campbell 105388
Residence Asset C12, 1 Parnell Rd, Campbell 105387
Residence Asset C8, 3 Plant Rd, Campbell 105383
Residence Asset C7, 2 Plant Rd, Campbell 105385
Residence Asset B7, 4 Robert Campbell Rd, Campbell 105384
Residence Asset B5, 2 Robert Campbell Rd, Campbell 105391
Commandants House Asset B9, 6 Robert Campbell Rd 105386
Captains Quarters Assets B1 - B4, 1 - 4 Harrison Rd 105382
General Bridges Grave-Campbell 105439
Duntroon House and Garden-Campbell 105448
Parade Ground and Associated Buildings Group (Buildings A26, A28, A30 to A34)-Campbell 105183
RMC Duntroon Conservation Area-Campbell 105449
Changi Chapel-Campbell 105188
Anzac Memorial Chapel of St Paul-Campbell 105184
Apple Shed Asset C58-Campbell 105182
Redwood Plantation Redwood Plantation - Pialligo 105196
Wartime Bomb Dump Buildings Wartime Bomb Dump Buildings-Pialligo 105588
Russell Offices Australian American Memorial and Sir Thomas Blamey Square - Russell 105313
Russell Cafeteria-Russell 105553
Russell Precinct Heritage Area-Russell 105621
Royal Australian Naval Transmitting Station Synemon Plana Moth Habitat (Royal Australian Naval Transmitting Station)-Lawson 105535
Royal Australian Naval Transmitting Station-Lawson 105519


New South Wales
Defence Site
CHL Place Details
CHL Place ID Number
(Enter this number into the Australian Heritage Database "Place ID Number")
Chowder Bay Refueling Deport at Chowder Bay caretakers cottage 105583
HMAS Watson Cliff House (HMAS Watson) (NSW) 105392
Barracks Group - HMAS Watson 105582
Garden Island, Sydney Chain and anchor stiore (building 88) (former) Garnder Island 105293
Naval Museum (31) and Naval Historical Society (32) - Garden Island 105287
Residences Group Garden Island 105289
Garden Island Precinct-Garden Island 105286
Office Building (Building 27, Office Square and Stores Lane)-Garden Island 105292
Naval Store (Building 89, Stores Lane)-Garden Island 105291
Rigging Shed and Chapel-Garden Island 105288
Factory (Buildings 99 and 95, West Road)-Garden Island 105290
Gazebo (HMAS Kuttabul)-Potts Point 105306
HMAS Penguin HMAS Penguin-Georges Heights 105581
Military Road Framework - Defence Land, Middle Head Rd, Georges Heights 105572
Headquaters Training Command Precinct; Middle Head Rd Georges Heights 105584
Lancer Barracks Lancer Barracks-Parramatta 105214
Lancer Barracks Precinct-Parramatta 105512
Steele Point Battery Shark Point Battery (Shark (or Steel) Point, Nielsen Park)-Vaucluse 105324
Randwick Barracks School of Musketry and Officers mess, Randwick Army Barracks 105651
Spectacle Island Explosives Complex Spectacle Island Explosives Complex-Drummoyne 105393
Victoria Barracks Sydney Buildings VB13, 15, 16 & 17-Paddington 105279
Victoria Barracks Precinct-Paddington 105277
Victoria Barracks Squash Courts-Paddington 105295
Buildings VB60 and VB62-Paddington 105283
Building VB2 Guard House-Paddington 105282
Victoria Barracks Perimeter Walls and Gates-Paddington 105281
Buildings VB90, 91, 91A & 92-Paddington 105305
Buildings VB83, 84, 85, 87 & 89-Paddington 105304
Buildings VB69, 75 & 76 including Garden-Paddington 105303
Buildings MQVB16 and VB56-Paddington 105280
Building VB1 and Parade Ground-Paddington 105302
Buildings VB41, 45 & 53-Paddington 105278
Mulwala Homestead Mulwala Homestead Precinct (North Rd Mulwala)- Mulwala 105659
Beecroft Weapons Range Currarong Rockshelters Area (Beecroft Peninsula)-Currarong 105320
Crocodile Head Area (Beecroft Peninsula)-Currarong 105322
Beecroft Peninsula/Lake Wollumboola-Currarong 105539
Point Perpendicular Lightstation-Currarong 105364
Bherwerre Ridge Radar and Communications Facility Royal Australian Naval College-Jervis Bay 105380
Jervis Bay and Surrounds (Bherwere Ridge, Royal Australian Naval College, Jervis Bay Range Facility)-Jervis Bay 105394
Defence Establishment Orchard Hills Orchard Hills Cumberland Plain Woodland (RAAF No1 Central Ammunition Depot - Orchard Hills)-Orchard Hills 105317
Holsworthy Military Area Old Army/Internment Camp Group Holsworthy-Holsworthy 105406
Cubbitch Barta National Estate Area-Holsworthy 105405
RAAF Richmond North Base Trig Station-Richmond RAAF Base 105240
RAAF Base Richmond-Richmond 105653
RAAF Williamtown Williamtown RAAF Base-Williamtown 105639
Ingleburn Army Camp Ingleburn Army Camp-Ingleburn Village 105649
Prefabricated Cottages-Ingleburn Village 105657
Singleton Military Area Murinbin House Group 105642
Gaza Depot Armidale  Hunter River Lancers Training Depot 105656


Defence Site
CHL Place Details
CHL Place ID Number
(Enter this number into the Australian Heritage Database "Place ID Number")
RAAF Amberley Amberley RAAF Base Group -Amberley 105650
Victoria Barracks Brisbane Victoria Barracks - Brisbane 105226
Shoalwater Bay Military Area Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area-Byfield

(NHL :105709, WHL: 105060)

Canungra Field Training Area Canungra Land Warfare Centre Training Area (part)-Canungra 105479
Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera Remount Complex Gallipoli Barracks (Wynter Road corner Lavarack Parade, Enoggera, within the boundaries of the Gallipoli Barracks,including buildings E71, E80, E82, E70, E69, E68, E78 and E79 and bounded by Wynter Road in the west, the boundary of the cam 105638
Enoggera Magazine Complex (Buildings K12, K16, K18, K33-37)-Enoggera 105229
School of Musketry (former) (431 Lloyd Street corner Lavarack Parade)-Enoggera 105227
Small Arms Magazine (former) (Murray Avenue corner Laverack Parade)-Enoggera 105228
Greenbank Military Training Area Greenbank Military Training Area (part)-Greenbank 105235
Wide Bay Military Training Area Wide Bay Military Reserve-Tin Can Bay 105285
Macrossan Training area Macrossan Stores Depot Group (whole site: three Bellman Hangars, Warehouse 11, landing strip, remnants of the taxiways, embankments, and building foundations (ruins))-Macrossan 105330
Tully Training Area Tully Training Area ID 1262

(NHL: 105689, WHL: 105080)

Cowley Beach Training Area Wet Tropics of Queensland (NHL: 105689, WHL: 105080)


South Australia
Defence Site
CHL Place Details
CHL Place ID Number
(Enter this number into the Australian Heritage Database "Place ID Number")
Keswick Barracks Headquarters Building 32, Keswick Barracks-Keswick 105308


Defence Site
CHL Place Details
CHL Place ID Number
(Enter this number into the Australian Heritage Database "Place ID Number")
Point Wilson Defence Area East Coast Armaments Complex-Lara Also called Point Wilson Defence Natural Area (Commonwealth) 105276
HMAS Cerberus HMAS Cerberus Central Area Group (Comprising the Central Ceremonial Area, bounded by Cook, Nelson, Bass and Dampier Roads (excluding Building No 196), and including Buildings 106, 108, 110, 112, 116, 151, 161, 187-190, 194 and 197, 113, 114, parade ground 105336
Sandy Point Area-HMAS Cerberus 105457
Puckapunyal Military Area Puckapunyal Army Camp-Puckapunyal 105331
Puckapunyal Military Area-Puckapunyal 105552
RAAF Williams - Laverton Officers Mess - Laverton RAAF Base-Laverton RAAF 105166
RAAF Williams Laverton - Eastern Hangars and West Workshops Precincts, Tangmere Rd, Williams RAAF, VIC, Australia 106002
St Kilda Drill Hall Artillery Orderly Room (former) (Training Depot - St Kilda)-St Kilda East 105175
Swan Island Training Area Swan Island and Naval Waters-Queenscliff 105401
Swan Island Defence Precinct-Queenscliff 105270
Fort Queenscliff Queenscliff Fortifications (Army Staff College – Queenscliff)-Queenscliff 105417
Victoria Barracks Melbourne Victoria Barracks Precinct-Southbank 105232
Victoria Barracks Guardhouse (former) (north gate of Victoria Barracks)-Southbank 105173
Victoria Barracks C Block-Southbank 105171
Victoria Barracks J Block-Southbank 105172
Victoria Barracks F Block-Southbank 105170
Victoria Barracks, The Keep-Southbank 105769
Victoria Barracks G Block-Southbank 105168
Victoria Barracks A Block-Southbank 105167
Fortuna Fortuna (Fortuna – Bendigo)-Golden Square 105176
Defence Explosive Factory Maribyrnong Defence Explosive Factory Maribyrnong-Maribyrnong 105325
Fort Gellibrand Fort Gellibrand Commonwealth Area 105615
RAAF Williams - Point Cook Point Cook Airbase - Museum and Heritage Precincts

(NHL: 105671)

Point Cook Air Base - College & Training Area

(NHL: 105671)

Point Cook Air Base-Point Cook

(NHL: 105671)


Defence Site
CHL Place Details
CHL Place ID Number
(Enter this number into the Australian Heritage Database "Place ID Number")
Anglesea Barracks Anglesea Barracks-Battery Point 105488
Paterson Barracks Paterson Barracks Commissariat Store (2 St John Street, corner William Street)-Launceston 105163
Pontville Small Arms Range Pontville Small Arms Range Grassland Site-Pontville 105455


Western Australia
Defence Site
CHL Place Details
CHL Place ID Number
(Enter this number into the Australian Heritage Database "Place ID Number")
Learmonth Air Weapons Range Air Weapons Range Facility-Exmouth


Bushmead Rifle Range Bushmead Rifle Range Commonwealth Area-Helena Valley 105549
Artillery Barracks Artillery Barracks (WA) 105332
Bindoon Defence Training Area Bindoon Defence Training Area (WA) 105619
Lancelin Defence Training Area Lancelin Defence Training Area (WA) 105578
Garden Island (HMAS Stirling Naval Base) Garden Island (HMAS Stirling Naval Base)-Garden Island 105274
Cliff Point Historic Site (HMAS Stirling Naval Base)-Garden Island 105273
J Gun Battery (Entrance Point) (HMAS Stirling Naval Base)-Garden Island 105272
Geraldton Drtill Hall Complex Geraldton Drill Hall Complex 105658
Irwin Barracks Army Magazine Buildings, Irwin Barracks (Brallos Pass, off Stubbs Terrace)-Karrakatta 105215


Northern Territory
Defence Site
CHL Place Details
CHL Place ID Number
(Enter this number into the Australian Heritage Database "Place ID Number")
Larrakeyah Barracks Larrakeyah Barracks Precinct 105251
Larrakeyah Barracks Headquarters Building-Larrakeyah 105192
Larrakeyah Barracks Sergeants Mess-Larrakeyah 105193
Yampi Defence Area Yampi Defence Area-Koolan Island 105418
Oombalai Area-Derby 105237
Boulder Hill West Area-Derby 105238
Bradshaw Field Training Area Bradshaw Defence Area (Bradshaw Field Training Area)-Timber Creek 105655
Mount Bundey Training Area Mount Bundey Military Training Area-Mary River District 105652
RAAF Darwin RAAF Base Commanding Officers Residence (1 Gandarra Circuit)-RAAF Base Darwin 105430
RAAF Base Precinct-RAAF Base Darwin 105252
RAAF Base Tropical Housing Type 2 - RAAF Base Darwin 105194
RAAF Base Tropical Housing Type 3 - RAAF Base Darwin 105195

Archival Records:
21 Construction Squadron Area - Gallipoli Barracks - Enoggera Feb 2011