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The OAT facilitates and administers overseas conditions of service for ADF members and APS employees of the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) proceeding on long-term posting overseas. The OAT also administers some aspects of ADF Lateral Recruit transfers to Australia.

The OAT provides advice to single services, Defence Group administrators and overseas posts on all aspects associated with a long-term postings to overseas localities. This includes allowances, removals and entitlements covered under the overseas conditions of service volume of the Pay & Conditions Manual (PACMAN).

PACMAN Chapters 12, 14 and 15 are the principal policy references for long-term posting overseas conditions of service for both ADF members and APS employees.

This site is designed to provide information related to a long-term posting overseas (in excess of 6 months) and includes pre-departure administration, overseas conditions of service and allowances, and details for return to Australia.


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If you have received a Posting Order for a long-term posting overseas, please contact OAT on:

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