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Technical Intelligence Analyst

Technical Intelligence Analysts use their unique technical and scientific knowledge to report on weapons systems and technologies that may pose threats to Australian forces.

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Technical Intelligence Analyst

After graduating with a PhD in Mathematics I moved from Queensland to Canberra to join the Australian Signals Directorate. I spent my first ten years in there further developing my technical expertise and skills, transferring to the Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) Weapons and Technical Intelligence Branch six years ago when the opportunity arose to develop a new line of support to the Australian Defence Force.

Being a part of a small, unique and dedicated team working in a highly technical and specialist area continually challenges me and allows me to apply and further expand my knowledge in physics and engineering – as well as enabling me to use my programming skills on a near daily basis. I have had the opportunity for domestic and overseas travel for training and to meet my Allied counterparts to discuss analytic findings, techniques and software development.

DIO encourages further learning and development opportunities, both through training courses and university study. DIO places an emphasis on maintaining a healthy work life balance, including flexible working arrangements and part-time arrangements when needed to assist in balancing work and family commitments.


Technical Intelligence Analyst

I studied a Bachelor of Science with a physics major and moved to Canberra to join the Department of Defence through a graduate program. There are opportunities to transfer within the department and I transferred to DIO into the Weapons and Technical Intelligence Branch four years ago.

Having an interest in military equipment has made the work enjoyable, as I use the skills from my degree to assess the technical capabilities of foreign military equipment. Since working in DIO I have had the opportunity to travel domestically and overseas to meet with Defence customers and Allied counterparts to discuss and analyse threats to our military and the Australian Government.

Working in DIO is unique, challenging and at times unpredictable as my work follows world events. DIO is committed to continuing professional development, providing me with the opportunity to attend courses and conferences. DIO promotes a healthy work-life balance and I’m able to make use of flexible working arrangements, which is important as I balance work and family commitments.


Technical Intelligence Analyst

I was always fascinated by aircraft, from an early age. Maybe it was the fact that I flew in one when I was young as my family emigrated to Australia from India, but for whatever reason, I loved watching these mighty metal birds leap into the sky at airports and perform screaming turns at Avalon Air Show. When I was growing up, while living in Geelong and Melbourne, I knew that I wanted to study how they worked, how they were designed, what made them go faster and higher.

Hence I studied aerospace engineering at university in Melbourne and continued on to do my PhD in aircraft design, including a stint overseas in Europe. During my studies my technical interests broadened to looking at design and optimisation in a more general context, applying modelling and simulation skills and techniques.

After graduating from my PhD I was looking for an opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in a practical context on real-world problems in a cohesive team environment. DIO was the perfect fit in that way as many of the projects we focus on are forward-looking and consider future technologies, where hard data is sparse and the solving these complex and technical problems have significant impact in terms of protecting Australian Defence Force members and capabilities. The supportive and development-oriented culture of the organisation is also an attractive bonus.


Technical Intelligence Analyst

When I began working for DIO in 2014, I was not sure how applicable my materials engineering background was to weapons analysis, but I quickly found that the problem-solving and analytical skills I had developed throughout university provided a strong foundation to understanding complex systems. I’m able to use some aspects of my undergraduate degree while the Department of Defence supports me to continue studying and I am now undertaking a Masters of Systems Engineering.

Working as a technical intelligence analyst has certainly been challenging, but has come with plenty of opportunities and excitement. I have briefed the most senior levels of Defence, written products that have directly informed capability development and been involved in working groups to plan for Australia’s future force.

As someone who grew up not knowing anyone working for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), working in a fully integrated environment where teams are made up of both ADF and public servants has been a new experience. Putting a face on the war fighter has made my work fulfilling; knowing that my technical analysis is being used to prevent surprise, save lives and protect platforms is highly rewarding.


We seek people with technical knowledge from a broad range of disciplines including physics, information technology, mechanical and electrical engineering.

We also require you to have superior analytical, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills and be enthusiastic and willing to work with and learn from some of the best analytical minds in the country.

Just as important are the personal qualities of integrity and objectivity because, at the end of the day, it's your judgement that we rely on.

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