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by Chris Woods

The Chief Information Officer Group is developing new tools and upgrading the existing suite of online self-help mechanisms to help people better manage their ICT requirements.

The first new self-help tool to be streamlined is the 'Other Defence Support Record Renewal' tool.

This is for people who are not managed under PMKeyS and includes contractors, consultants, other government employees and some foreign military personnel on exchange to Australia.

The information people supply in the Other Defence Support Record Renewal tool is used to update details in ICT services such as Campus, the Defence Corporate Directory, internet/intranet services and email.

Electronically streamlining the renewal process is a more efficient way of lodging requests and maintaining the Other Defence Support database, but is only availabe to DRN account holders. (Other Defence Support-managed people who do not have a DRN account will still need to complete the manual form - AD260.)

This initiative is the latest addition to the group's continuous service improvement program to create more efficient workflows, deliver savings and enhance the ICT customer experience.

Another ICT tool in the process of being streamlined is the electronic Network Access Request to provide more information and make it easier for people to set up DRN accounts.