Issue 2 2016
Defence Magazine cover, August 2015
Cover Story
Defence Magazine Issue 2 2016

From the Editorial Team

WELCOME to this edition of the Defence magazine, which focuses on the 2016 White Paper and the associated Integrated Investment Program and Defence Industry Policy Statement.

We hope you find the content – which includes contributions from Defence’s senior leadership and articles on some of our people who were heavily involved in the White Paper process – informative and interesting.

Looking ahead, our next edition will be published mid-year and will have an innovation focus.

We've only just begun
With the Minister for Defence
A major investment
With the Secretary of Defence
Innovative shift
Defence's industry policy
A grad's eye view
The next generation
Double act delivers
Defence White Paper
Future focused
First principles review
Enhancing Defence's estate
With Deputy Secretary E&IG
Let's shake on it
With Deputy Secretary CASG
'Retro' systems byte the dust
ICT gets a massive reboot