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Letter of offer

If your interviews are successful, you will be progressed to the third phase which includes a letter of offer for appointment/enlistment.

Workforce conditions

The offer will outline all the workforce conditions which you need to accept in order to commence a career within the ADF. The respective Service’s recruitment team will discuss any likely conditions with you before finalising the offer.

The letter of offer will include the following information:

The offer is conditional upon you satisfying medical, immigration and security clearance requirements and the outcome of a final interview with Defence Community Organisation.

It is also a mandatory requirement of your acceptance of the conditions of service contained in your Letter of Offer that you apply for Australian citizenship once you have completed 90 days of service in Australia.

Important: You are strongly advised not to commence irreversible lifestyle changes in the early stages of your application, such as selling the family home or car.

Conditions in Australia

The ADF provides a range of conditions of service and support mechanisms to its members. However, ADF members need to be self-sufficient and resilient and are encouraged to integrate into the wider community.

Accordingly, it is vital that you and your family are aware of the social and economic changes that may result from your relocation to Australia. It is expected that you have conducted your own research into the location you are posting to as well as Australia more generally.

This includes research into the Australian:

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