Speed marketing and quad charts

Speed marketing

1. Success often depends on making a positive first impression. This can be achieved by:
  • Being informed on the region’s capability needs.
  • Clearly outlining the capability/product within 60 seconds.
  • Highlighting the benefits of the capability/product to the customer and identify how it is different from others in the marketplace.
  • Having a sample/model available for demonstration purposes.
  • Providing examples of where your product/service is in use.
  • Asking probing questions of the customer.
  • Being culturally aware when dealing with foreign customers.

Quad charts

2. Quad charts are a quick and easy way to promote your company capabilities/products in one page. Quad chart enables government and industry to identify company capabilities/products and to determine suitability in meeting capability needs. A quad chart template is attached. Its structure is as follows:

2.1     Products and/or capabilities:

  • Describe broad capabilities of product and how it would provide new or enhanced benefits to the customer.
  • Describe any relevant system specifications.
  • Provide a picture of the product, if relevant.
  • Provide production capacity.

2.2     Discriminators:

  • This is the most important part of the quad chart and should summarise the key messages about the product such as: what makes the product different from other products, what benefits it can provide.
  • Describe the innovative technology involved.
  • The ability of the product to overcome problems.

2.3     Key customers and/or key partnerships:

  • Identify which organisation/company the product has been sold.
  • Identify key partners/alliances.

2.4     Quality accreditations and awards and contact details:

  • Identify company quality stands and industry specific standards and accreditations.
  • Identify point of contact, company address, telephone and email. Web site if available.

Further guidance and training is available from the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC).